<p>Premium Rubber Glue-Down Wheel Stops</p>

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Durable, pavement-hugging rubber at great prices!

  • Glue-down wheel stop includes glue down plates and bolts 
  • Perfect for any concrete application, including pre-stressed and post-tension concrete surfaces
  • Great for parking garages or parking lots where drilling holes in the mounting surface is not recommended
  • No drilling, faster installations
  • Use our rapid-setting, 2-part epoxy – the most reliable permanent adhesive product available (sold separately)
  • Rubber wheel stops with solid color throughout
  • Break-thru chemical formula gives you the flexibility you want, the colors you need, and the durability you demand
  • Keep drivers from parking too close to buildings, curbs and other vehicles
  • Avoid the hassle, maintenance and heavy weight of concrete wheel stops
  • Molded-in, UV resistant colors
  • Guaranteed against breakage for 15 years
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Length: 6 ft.
  • Quick installation
Model Name6' Glue Down Wheel Stop
Mount TypeGlue Down