Low Price Guarantee

Picnic Tables - TreeTop Products will beat any competitor’s most current price. If you find a lower price for the exact same product from a manufacturer or authorized distributor, please contact our Customer Service department at 1-866-390-7740, between M-F 8AM-5PM CST, or email info@picnictables.com

To receive the Low Price Guarantee, the following terms and conditions must be met:

  • Must be the exact same product sold by a manufacturer or authorized distributor.
  • Does not apply to clearance or closeout offers.
  • Price must be a competitor’s most current price. A website link or faxed catalog page from a competitor’s most recent catalog must be provided as proof of price.
  • Some competitors reduce price, but raise shipping charges. For this reason, the customer must also provide shipping charges in order to calculate final total price.
  • Price provided by the customer cannot be an implied price based on discounts, coupons or other forms of price reductions.
  • eBay and all other auction-type websites are not eligible.
  • Valid on United States domestic orders ONLY.

The Low Price Guarantee is only valid for 30 days between the time you find a competitor's product at a lower price, and the time you place a call with Picnic Tables - TreeTop Products.