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Plastic-Coated Steel

Two materials – plastic and metal - have merged to form one “superhero” in the picnic table world. Enter the plastic-coated metal picnic table! The strength of the bench is found in the metal frame, while the durability is found in the plastic coating. The plastic serves as a protective coating to withstand both the weather’s elements and graffiti art.

Benefits of plastic-coated metal picnic tables

The plastic-coated metal picnic table is nearly indestructible, and is built to withstand years of punishing abuse. Plastic coating provides the following benefits for your picnic table:

  • UV-resistant coating protects the underlying structure from environmental wear and weathering.
  • Heat-resistant plastic coating is thermo-molded to the exact contours of the steel frame, and is highly resistant to cracking, fading and peeling.
  • Smooth coating provides a food-safe plastic surface.
  • Plastic-coated metal picnic tables with a low price guarantee

    We know that your picnic table purchase must stay within budget. This is one reason why we have constructed a low price guarantee that promises to help you stay on budget, while giving you added confidence in your purchase. When the time comes to replace your tables with top quality thermoplastic picnic tables from, you’ll know that these “superhero” tables are a clear winner.